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Do Life Diet Bet!

Do Life Diet Bet!

$25 Bet
May 24 - Jun 20
Open Access

It's simple, join here, lose 4% of your weight, and profit :)


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May 24


The Original Geek

http://bit.ly/10NwS0C - doing an "after vacation $50 dietbet" join in ;)
07/22/2013 12:54PM


I know you are all p'd off on Ben whom I never heard of until I saw I joined this DietBet but there are other hosts who don't join or post anything on their games either so he's not the first one. I'm on Sunshine's DietBet & she didn't join us nor did she post anything else like she does on FB yet no one is upset w/ her. Don't hold on to negative feelings, get up & move on.
06/29/2013 5:44AM

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Lola H.

That's true and you know what I just noticed on Sunshine's DietBet, at least one of the people who was doing a lot of the bitching and character bashing against Ben is also in Sunshine's DietBet. Didn't see any comments about how disappointed she is that Sunshine didn't join or participate in the process. Interesting. Personally, I think they should all be ashamed for acting so juvenile and judgmental.

Richard D.

Goodnight John-Boy!
06/26/2013 2:32PM

K n.

Bye Richard, will miss ya!

The Original Geek

Richard: http://bit.ly/10NwS0C - you are invited :-P


Yeah no one likes this Ben whoever he is. So wont be joining.
06/25/2013 12:28PM

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Allison B.


Do Life Diet Bet First Timers Group (if you want to join)
06/24/2013 3:10PM

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I joined for now...hopefully it'll be lots of positive stuff being shared, and not focusing on negative stuff like Ben :-P

Allison B.

Share this with your friends-and those who are doing the other bets! We can keep in touch!

The Rick

For those that may not have seen my comment on here earlier, I'm posting my own blog on here for some of you to check out. It was originally inspired by Ben's blog, but in light of recent events (or lack thereof), it is now inspired by... Myself? Yup! I'm finding the motivation on my own to lose 120 pounds. I promise not to make any promises though. I'm just some fatty that isn't going to be a fatty for much longer, and I invite you guys to follow along.

06/24/2013 12:58PM

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Richard D.

Good luck.

Allison B.

How would y'all feel about starting a facebook group for all of us? That way we can keep track of our progress AND if we want to start another bet in the future (I'm looking at doing one in the fall) we could help each other out?
06/24/2013 12:56PM

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Maia S.

Would love to be a part! I'm wanting to do another bet this summer but wanted to wait a few weeks to give myself a breather first. Plus, I feel like we've been a pretty good supportive group!

Allison B.

https://www.facebook.com/groups/166377213543549/ Come on over! The water's cold and the scale's on fi-yah!

Lola H.

oh, I get it now. Ben was the administrator of this game. I didn't even know that because I don't pay any attention to who the administrator is. I'm just joining the game and doing my thing to lose the weight. I don't come to the page to participate very often. the money is my motivation. That's all I need.
06/24/2013 11:15AM

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Theresa T.

Dietbet takes 15% off the top before paying out the winners. Ben was paid from that 15% as the organizer.

Lola H.

Yeah, I get that. But that's money that was never mine. No matter who the organizer was, I wouldn't have gotten that money. I just think people are making a bigger deal out of this than is necessary. I don't know why Ben wasn't participating in the bet. I don't know what's going on in his life right now. Neither do any of the rest of you. I'm not gonna judge. But if it really mattered to me that the organizer be actively participating, and they weren't, then I wouldn't join any more of their bets. But I wouldn't come to the page and engage in name calling and character bashing. That just seems quite out of line and immature.

Ben D. created a new game:

It's a $25 bet and starts on Jun 28.
Join this game!
06/24/2013 10:55AM
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Debbie H.

Nope, this bet started a week or so after they got back from honeymoon. Since then, Ben's been a working guy just like many of us. If, in that setting, somebody chooses to organize a month-long event, you'd think they'd at least participate in it. Lots of us did participate, with success and without any inspiration from BenDoesWaffleHouse. Blatant avoidance of big issues there. Sad.

Lola H.

Good Lord, people! Give it a rest!


Whoops, I won but did not see the emails about weighing in and now it is too late. Oh well, at least I made my goal!
06/24/2013 10:34AM

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Thanks Allison and Jill! I love a situation where losing (weight) is winning :-) Have a great day!

Richard D.

Great job Mike

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