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Sweating Until Happy-June/July

Sweating Until Happy-June/July

$20 Bet
Jun 24 - Jul 21
Open Access

Your beginning doesn't have to be your ending... My beginning was 480 lbs!


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Jun 24



Keep the momentum going! A new game has been set up for all players starting on Nov 24, 2013.

Good luck!

11/06/2013 7:27AM

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Alan A. created a new game:

It's a $20 bet and starts on Jun 2.
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05/12/2014 8:19PM

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Sarah J.

Cold here in Iowa, too. Way to go on your run!

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Thanks Sarah

Alan A. created a new game:

It's a $20 bet and starts on Nov 24.
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11/04/2013 8:04PM

Laura F.

Hey everyone I created a new dietbet that starts next week. I have had a problem with gaining the weight back after I finish my games so I hope this will help me keep it off.

09/06/2013 8:09AM

Alan A. created a new game:

It's a $20 bet and starts on Sep 23.
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09/05/2013 8:20PM


Did it ever get announced that somebody won the gym boss timer?
08/27/2013 9:24AM

Alan A.

The winner has been contacted and timer is being shipped out. It was Lindsay J. :-)

Middle-aged mom

How much was the payout? I started off good, but too many weddings, showers, and open houses :(
07/27/2013 7:16AM

Helen C.

Winners got $35.11 which includes of course your original bet money still, $15.11 for losing weight not bad at all.

Helen C.

So I thought I would ask again who won the Gum Boss timer and what is it?
07/27/2013 6:41AM

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Wyoming Toy S.

I am also wondering who won it.

Helen C.

http://diet.bt/170qUIu This is a small diet bet I just joined the game starts in 31 hours and the bet is only $10 if anyone is interested.
07/26/2013 4:49PM

Susanne C.

Well, I'm a week late, but I finally down to my goal weight for this dietbet :) lol.
07/26/2013 7:59AM

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