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The Fat Loss Stimulus Package

The Fat Loss Stimulus Package

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Jan 07 - Feb 03
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What better way to motivate than with money?! Put up or shut up time!


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Jan 07


Jai D.

Congrats ladies and gent...Keep the momentum going towards a healthier lifestyle! :-) Bless up!
02/05/2013 9:58AM

MelRUNStheworld has posted a photo:

  • Thank you all for motivating me thru the 1st month of 2013. Great way to start the year. Big shout out to Marc at http://drmarctagon.com for hosting this dietbet. This challenge helped me get to my goal of wearing a jumpsuit shorts for my 29th birthday this past weekend. This is major for me. Shorts outside the house is a big accomplishment. So far I've lost 57lbs of fat and 23 more to go, started my journey last year in April and as we all know theres going to be challenges: emotional, physical, spiritual, mentally, personal and professional stuff..soooo many different stuff that we can ultimately let stop us from reaching our goal to a healthier life. Lets continue pushing thru and would love to stay connected. You can hit me up on my blog http://melRUNStheworld.com or via melrunstheword on twitter, fb, and instagram<--been really active on IG lately.

02/05/2013 9:56AM


I want to thank all of you for taking part in the DietBet. Even if you didn't meet your goal, I hope you all walk away with an added motivation and determination.

As Ivy said, let's all keep in touch... :)

If you haven't already, please check out my blog/website, http://drmarctagon.com It is the gateway to all things Marc and the journal of my weight loss journey. #Peace, love, and to the winners, lend me $5 ;)
02/05/2013 8:58AM

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Congrats to everyone who won the game and those who gained confidence, motivation, and lessons from the challenge. It was great to meet you all. Let's keep in touch :-)
02/05/2013 8:10AM

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Vanishing Vixen

Congrats to all the challenge winner's!!! I only made half of my goal... But very happy with my pound per week progress. I joined another dietbet last week to help me keep the momentum going!! Any fellow bloggers on the journey, connect with me here: http://vanishingvixen.wordpress.com
02/05/2013 4:26AM - via iPhone

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Congrats to all the winners. I only lost half of my goal but I have gained so much confidence and better habits over the past 4 weeks. I plan to continue these goals during lent. I pray everyone continues to strive to reach their goals.
02/04/2013 4:33PM

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Vanessa Real

Congratulations to all the winners, this was fun, challenging and a great jump start to this weight-loss marathon I'm on. I pray everyone continues to do well and reach your final goal.!!!
02/04/2013 11:09AM

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Vanessa Real

I know I'm not making my weight by next week, this week has been too stressful at work. I've been eating right but exercising hasn't been on my primary agenda. I haven't given up, this is a marathon not a sprint. Good luck everyone and congratulations to the winners, this was actually fun.
02/02/2013 7:45AM


I probably won't reach my goal next week. But one thing I can say is, I am now a slow runner!!! I started Week 3 of Zombies Run 5K. I jogged a whole min and completed the whole mission. Yeah my shins hurt, my knees, hurt, and I got that fat pain in my side. But I didn't give up. What a victory for me!!
02/01/2013 4:54PM


Good job! You're a winner in my book :)

Vanishing Vixen has posted a photo:

  • Even though I most likely won't hit my goal - I haven't give up hope! Win or lose...I'm still on a mission!

01/31/2013 8:23PM - via iPhone

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