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Butler Family Transformer

Butler Family Transformer

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Jan 15 - Jul 14

Join Shay & family to build healthy habits-and laugh-over the next 6 months


8 days left in Round 2







Jan 15


Naomi D has posted a photo:

  • I was judged @ crossfit, it was a fun workout today:-)

about 4 hours ago - via android

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Nina O. has posted a photo:

  • I think I'm quite ready to start my Friday! :-)

about 5 hours ago - via android

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Sara H.

Yay! Today's weigh in! I am below 180. Just 6 ounces til this rounds goal weight! :-) this is great considering I have worked out in 2 days, I need to get back on it! (I have eaten within calories though)
03/05/2015 11:41PM - via android

Lace, Claire J. and like this comment.

Sam A.

Just drank two bottles of water...still 0 calories haha. #sorcery
03/05/2015 8:49PM

Lace, Elizabeth H. and like this comment.

Jennifer M. has posted a photo:

  • Broccoli slaw in a creamy avocado arugula pesto sauce. Experimenting with healthy food is so much fun.

03/05/2015 8:34PM - via android

Lace, Brian P. and like this photo.

Edwina H. has posted a photo:

  • Too much fruit? Nah i love it!

03/05/2015 2:27PM - via android

Nina O., Sara H. and like this photo.

Nina O.

Is there such a thing as too much fruit? I'll trade you a fresh orange and avocado smoothie for some of that watermelon! :-)

Nicole P. has posted a photo:

  • I know Shay might not see this but still we can all enjoy a laugh! Shay if your reading this you better check your shoes today ! One of your cats might of left you a present! Happy Birthday!

03/05/2015 1:59PM - via iPhone

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Tokyo Mom

Goal weight for this round is confirming this morning so happy! But in Tokyo we have white day the 14 and i will have to weight myself the 15 i have to be careful!
03/05/2015 1:58PM - via iPhone

Valerie D. and Lace like this comment.

Sara H.

Well done! What is white day?


Been doing some intense working out and my muscles are SORE. Any tips on how to deal with this?
03/05/2015 11:44AM - via iPhone

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Definitely a good stretching! I've taken a nice hot bath and just stayed in there to slowly stretch everything out. I have never used them, but I know they also have these foam rollers where you can massage out a certain area of your body that is particularly sore for you. Here is a link for reference:


Melanie L.

Just ran 5 miles in exactly 1 hour and burned 570 calories!! Feeling awesome!! ^.^
03/05/2015 11:20AM

Sara H., Hannah and like this comment.

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