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Mule Nation Meltdown

Mule Nation Meltdown

$30 Bet
Feb 15 - Mar 14
Open Access

10% of the pot will be donated to Mule Muscle


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Feb 15


Sally O.

I didn't get to weigh in either and I hit my 4%. Bummer, but this was a great idea.
03/19/2013 11:25AM

Michelle G

I had the same situation. I clicked on the email link and was stuck on the page where it told me I had 45 minutes to upload a photo. I wasn't able to do that. Bummed because my entire winnings were supposed to go to Mule Muscle instead of being spread around.
03/18/2013 9:41AM

Dagmar M.

I lost my 4 percent but I guess I didn't submit it in time.
03/17/2013 10:11AM

John O.

I weighed in yesterday but later received an email that I need to resubmit my photos. I lost > 4% but if its too late, keep it for the kids.
03/17/2013 9:36AM

Rebecca Regnier

WOW!!! We lost so much weight people. And if you hit the four-percent you're going to get 64 bucks. PLUS over 250 dollars from the bet is going to Mule Muscle - so KIDS will get fitness equipment. THANK YOU everyone for playing and should we try it again sometime? April? What do you think?
03/17/2013 7:32AM

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Lori H

yes, lets do it again

Sally O.

I would do it again

Rebecca Regnier

Right now we've lost an AVERAGE of 6 pounds per person and a TOTAL of 284.8 - shut up. That's amazing!!
03/16/2013 1:58PM

Patti R.

Thanks for doing this Rebecca...I only missed it by 2, but it was a great motivator...let me know if you do it again.
03/16/2013 10:15AM

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Rebecca Regnier

Awesome! And you're welcome Patti!!

Lori H

I missed it by a pound :( Oh well, at least I have lost some weight and not gained any!
03/15/2013 5:58AM

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Rebecca Regnier

Look here Diet Betters - cash is a motivator. (Of course we're all like - uh - no duh.) http://www.monroenews.com/news/2013/mar/07/cash-can-bribe-dieters-lose-weight-study-finds/
03/09/2013 7:43AM

Rebecca Regnier

WOW! We're over 200 pounds lost. That's amazing! I've got my work cut out this week to make the goal. LAST week was vacation. Hope everyone else is on track!
03/09/2013 7:40AM

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