The 38 Best Health and Fitness Apps of 2016

April 19, 2016
by By Jeff Cattel and Zach Watson

We spend too much time staring at our phones—just ask the pedestrians we almost walk into on a daily basis. If scrolling through your Newsfeed or swiping right were Olympic sports, we’d definitely take home a medal. But in reality, the only things getting a workout in either case are our thumbs. That’s not to say your phone can’t help you lead a healthier, happier life. You just need to know the right apps to download. Before you fall down the rabbit hole that is the app store, check out our list of the best health and fitness apps. We tested out hundreds before whittling it down to the 39 that are really worth checking out.

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Weight Loss Tricks to Keep You Motivated

April 12, 2016

Fitness director Jaclyn Emerick of Shape Magazine shares weight loss tricks designed to keep you motivated.
Watch the video.

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25 Simple Weight Loss Secrets From Women Who Majorly Transformed Their Bods

Mar 15, 2016
by Rachel Jacoby Zoldan

News flash: There will never be just one way to lose weight. Which is why 25 women shared the different success secrets that all yielded the same result: A healthier, more confident version of themselves.

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Get paid for losing weight

March 4, 2016
by Diane Lee

Want to fatten your wallet as you trim your waistline?
Companies that offer weight loss services raked in more than $6 billion last year.
So why not get some of that money back?
There are several programs that pay you to shed pounds. The catch, if you don’t make your goal you’re the one who has to pay up.

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Dieting Website Allows Users To Bet Money On Losing Weight

March 2, 2016
by Dana Kozlov

Lose weight, win money: that’s the promise of a website thousands of people are using to shed those extra pounds.
But does it work? CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov takes a look in this Original Report.

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