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08/30/2017 8:02AM
Does anyone have a heart rate monitor they really like? What do you use to review the data?


A bit late but i enjoy the garmin vivofit hr+. I was told it was the most accurate watch style by multiple people. If you want the most accurate results you have to get a chest strap one.

Alison W.

06/03/2016 8:15AM
Hey, anybody still here?


10/16/2015 10:00PM
New geek/nerd here, just signed up and joined my first game today, I hope everyone does well in their games!


08/13/2015 10:17AM
Proud geek here! “I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar.”

Ashton L.

08/05/2015 3:43PM
I have been a geek/nerd since it would earn mockery and possible beatings. But I never let my passion for something stop me from loving what I loved. I did not however, develop that same passion for myself. So now far too many pounds over weight I am trying out DietBet to keep me motivated in my adventure. As the Doctor says, "I've never met anyone unimportant before." Join and revel in your geekery!