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07/03/2019 1:42PM
  • I am hosting a dietbet for people who use fasting. Hoping there are others like me who would like to join


07/03/2019 10:02AM
  • a diet bet for people who utilize fasting to achieve thier goals.

Teesha A.

05/02/2018 10:06AM
Personal note: If you are shopping juicers, I have found the vertical masticating ones can rejuice the pulp to cut down on that byproduct. You can use the pulp in bread or baked items like you would if you were subbing applesauce for oil.
I use about 300gm pulp per 1.5lb loaf bread.

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05/01/2018 8:35PM
Hey! I NEED to do a fast to kickstart my weight loss and to detox off sugar I'm addicted to chocolate and desperate to quit it! I'm thinking a very strict 3 day fast. Perhaps just fasting all day until 6pm dinner then a veg only dinner. Any suggestions or tips to get me through it?

Teesha A.

I have found a self made juice first thing in morning or when you end your fast window is an amazing appitite curber. I don’t strain this juice and rejuice the pulp twice to max juice output.’’
Juicing carrots (bcz they are cheap good base I really like) with apples and cucumbers and tomatoes in this mix -
300g Carrot/ 75 g of the other three gives about 12oz juice.
I usually double those numbers bcz apples and tomatoes run about 150g then refrigerate a second bottle for the next day.


04/03/2018 7:56AM
  • After watching Sick, Fat and Dying on Netflix I decided to try a fast! Today is day 2 of my juice fast... I made a few rookie mistakes yesterday...(protip: a little cayenne goes A LONG way!) This morning's juice I needed a lil sweet to offset the spice from yesterday. So far so good! I did a 2 week transition where I supplemented juice and cleaned up my diet and got rid of caffeine and sugar... urgh that first day or so was harsh.

Teesha A.

Juicing rocks! I have an Omega vert upright masticating juicer and like the way it cuts down on pulp, esp if I rejuice that pulp. I saw there are a few new masticating ones now. Funny I am more excited about shopping juicers than cars!

Mallory M.

02/07/2018 8:15AM
Has anyone tried a teatox? I keep seeing ads and wanted to know if it worth the money. Or is buying tea from the grocery store going to have the same affect?


I tried a teatox and it didn't really do anything for me. I feel like tea from the store is better because it's not overpriced.


01/08/2018 4:19AM
Okay, fellow fasters! I started IF with a twist of Keto today... not completly sure what the heck I am doing. My goal is to rid my body of processed food and sugars and my ADDICTION to diet soda. I welcome tips and foods to satisfy my mind an body!


11/06/2017 12:22PM
Thanksgiving is a time to let loose and enjoy those holiday sweets, the big dinners and of course LEFTOVERS!!! Then, more holiday sweets right up until the New Year comes and so do the weight loss resolutions! Why not kick start that food baby you gained and get rid of that 4% before Christmas Day! This challenge starts right after Thanksgiving and ends so that you can give yourself the gift of a healthier you, some extra cash and a chance at my holiday prizes!!!! Come join my game and my crew! A positive and supportive group with a smaller community of people that actively post and your comments don't get lost in the mix! Share with your friends and sign up today so you can enjoy Thanksgiving knowing you have a plan already set into motion!


10/07/2017 11:04AM
Our game "Weapons of A$$ Reduction" is about to end so that means we are ready for the next challenge!! Check out "Scrambled Legs and Achin" at this link--> http://dbet.me/B2GOs1
4% in 4 weeks to either kick start your weight loss journey or pick up where you left off and continue pushing to your next goal! $20 entry and lots of chances for participation prizes!!!!! All my participants are finishing a game so no one has signed up yet because they will be using their rewards to pay for the next one! My tribe is on a roll and losing an average 5lbs a game!!! COME JOIN US!!

michelle c.

09/05/2017 1:30PM
i'm loving the keto diet (high fat, moderate protein, low carb). Along with IF, I've finally broken through a 3 month plateau and started losing weight again. I'm not sure if I'm in ketosis or not since I don't have a tester. I'm just glad I've found a way of eating that is satisfying and sustainable for me.

Zack R.

Hi Michelle,

My wife and I have been doing IF for about 7 months, 16:8 for her, 22:2 for me. We are about 42 hours into a 40 hour fast to kick-start our 30 day keto challenge. Any advice on foods that are moderate protein and high fat? I had to screw around in MFP for nearly 45 minutes last night to find a combination for my dinner that was only 71% fat (I know the goal is 75%). I've been thinking about just adding some cheddar cheese slices or pepperoni slices as an after dinner snack just to up the fat content, but would love any other ideas you have.