Fasting for Health

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04/03/2018 7:56AM
  • After watching Sick, Fat and Dying on Netflix I decided to try a fast! Today is day 2 of my juice fast... I made a few rookie mistakes yesterday...(protip: a little cayenne goes A LONG way!) This morning's juice I needed a lil sweet to offset the spice from yesterday. So far so good! I did a 2 week transition where I supplemented juice and cleaned up my diet and got rid of caffeine and sugar... urgh that first day or so was harsh.

Teesha A.

Juicing rocks! I have an Omega vert upright masticating juicer and like the way it cuts down on pulp, esp if I rejuice that pulp. I saw there are a few new masticating ones now. Funny I am more excited about shopping juicers than cars!