Fasting for Health

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05/01/2018 8:35PM
Hey! I NEED to do a fast to kickstart my weight loss and to detox off sugar I'm addicted to chocolate and desperate to quit it! I'm thinking a very strict 3 day fast. Perhaps just fasting all day until 6pm dinner then a veg only dinner. Any suggestions or tips to get me through it?

Teesha A.

I have found a self made juice first thing in morning or when you end your fast window is an amazing appitite curber. I don’t strain this juice and rejuice the pulp twice to max juice output.’’
Juicing carrots (bcz they are cheap good base I really like) with apples and cucumbers and tomatoes in this mix -
300g Carrot/ 75 g of the other three gives about 12oz juice.
I usually double those numbers bcz apples and tomatoes run about 150g then refrigerate a second bottle for the next day.