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Jimbo M.

01/20/2016 1:42PM
Love this time of year for the NFL. It's getting good now. I think it's gonna be an NFC year.


11/02/2015 6:10AM
Wow, lot's of Steelers fans on here. What is up with the injuries this year? You finally get Ben back and Bell is out. You guys just can't win in the the injury department. I think you would have a good team if you were healthy.

As for the Eagles, we'll see how we come out of the bye week. The NFC East if horrible this year, so we might have a chance to get it together.

Hope everyone's dietbet are going well!


10/29/2015 1:18PM
Just joined Dietbet today. Here We Go Steelers!

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Lee Ann Z

10/23/2015 7:05AM
Made my round 1 transformer goal! Whoo hooo!!! I have 3 diet bet kickstarters ending over the next 3 days & Then I've signed up for (American) Thanksgiving Slimdown with Chris Powell, Jamie Easton's Holiday Hustle & Be your own Santa (the first DB I've organized!!) Come join me?


Wow, congrats. Talk about highly invested. And congrats on starting your first db. I'm still in my first db and the thought was to not join another until I finished the first but I will check out your db. Maybe it's time to join another.

Lee Ann Z

I just figured I will never have more weight to loose than I do right now so I upped the ante & made as many commitments as they would let me to stay accountable. Money talks!


10/19/2015 7:37PM
Lucky member #7, who can resist joining...GO STEELERS!!!

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Like your username. We'll see if the Steelers can keep a QB healthy enough to get through the playoffs.


10/16/2015 9:53PM
GO EAGLES!!! Who is everyone else's teams? Good luck on everyone's games, both dietbet and NFL!!! Although my fantasy team stinks this year...

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It's good to be a Packers fan right now. Of course, you would probably say it is always good to be a Packers fan :)

Lee Ann Z

You know it!! It's funny how these teams get in our blood

Lee Ann Z

10/06/2015 10:55AM
Who else wants to slim down & make last Christmas the LFC (Last Fat Christmas) Join me in this diet bet? Heavens knows I can use your "ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL" support.

Lee Ann Z

09/29/2015 2:05PM
I love cheese & wine & pizza & the Packers. 3 of those are really causing me to "Pack" on the pounds so I've joined 3 kickstarters & 3 transformers to help me make a change this season.

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You're my new best friend. 4 of my favorite things :)


09/29/2015 1:45PM
So after years of wings, nachos, burgers, hot dogs, sausages, Doritos, potato chips, and BEER- it's time to get the gut (and all the other parts) off.

Who's with me????

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My bad. If it was ranch would that make a difference?

Michelle L.

Mmm, chips and salsa! Beer! Making my mouth water just thinking about it! Sundays are definitely the hardest day of the week for me. Our son has double header baseball games every Sunday, and then we run home and watch football. Hard to not snack your way through the day! Somehow grapes just aren't quite the same...