Let's Shake It Off (Eat,Exercise and Live)

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12/10/2015 3:41PM
hello friends,
How are you all doing? Xmas is just at the corner, what are you doing to stay fit and healthy? since starting here i have lost about 13-15lb and it is slowly becoming harder to lose more weight fast. haha time to time the gym more often. Please join my new game Maggie's Dietbet. https://www.dietbet.com/games/74871/activity
Let's support each other. thanks


11/26/2015 12:27AM
Hello friends,
Once again i found myself fighting for a final weight out and i can honestly, say I have never, ever fought for anything this hard. As some of you know, I am still breastfeeding, sometimes your body simply requires you more input than you want to.

So last week i had a conference to travel to attend and a major exam to write. Of course, I traveled with hubby and the kids. ... Bad idea!
We ate calories loaded food and worse, i had my period.
I went from worrying about food to bloating stomach and cramps. And as things were not already bad enough, I could not find a single working scanner to scan my picture id, that I was supposed to send along my exam before midnight Sunday. I can now laugh as I was literally in tears, washing the hotel receptionist call one store after another; either they already closed or they did not have the service. With one hour to go, we find a small store. he tells it is not far "abt 3-4 blocks" and so I believe him. God lord, I think it may have been 8 blocks, in my pj, I ran and walked did not even realized that I was exercising. I ran like I was going to save a life.
Anyway why am sharing this with you?
Nothing comes in our way for NO reasons and for the most part our life is the result of the choices we make. (by life I mean, health, prosperity...) I honestly could had just giving up on that exams and curl up with my family. Also three days ago, when i weight in and noticed i had gained 3 pound


11/17/2015 9:24AM
Hello friends,
I hope and pray you are all doing fantastic. I just started a new game "Hello To a New Me!"and I am looking for support and a team of fearless friends who want to stay on track; those who want to push themselves and reach their 2015 goals. Please see more info on it at https://www.dietbet.com/games/73829/activity

Let's do this people. NO Excuse!


11/13/2015 9:10AM
Happy Friday all you beautiful people. i hope you are all reaching your respective goals. Let's encourage each other. I am always here if you need to exchange some ideas, be it meal plans, exercises.


11/11/2015 9:05PM
Thank you God and all of you who kept me going. I freakin made it!!!! OMG this was brutal, my last hurtle (last 24hrs):
30 mins of cardio
10mins sauna
1hr walk with kids
35 workout of Jillian M video.
salad without dressing
15 of mini workout
a swim
As much as I love pushing myself, this is it. I need to learn to plan so I do not get over stressed.

I am just waiting to get the official confirmation before I head to bed.


Wow! All that in one day AND taking care of your kids? If you can do that in one day you can do a lot in a week, specially if you organise, as you said =)


11/10/2015 3:44PM
I have a big weight in by tomorrow and gush losing one 1lb has never been this hard.
I think fasting might help.
Any suggestion?
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i won it!! it was brutal to say the least. I am now looking a game that is ending in two weeks. hahaha I have to wash this weight off. no kidding any more.


Congratulations!! =)
Keep going! If you're anything like me, it's good that you have another game ending in two weeks, so you keep going instead of eating the weight back.


11/05/2015 2:40PM
yesterday and today are my cheating days. i am basically free to eat whatever I want except i must drink one large cup of water.


11/04/2015 10:40AM
I do not know much about this site but I am starting to worry. So last night I won my first bet. I thought ok time to join another game. I joined Dance The Pounds Away with LaBlast Fitness Game. my transaction was confirmed and quietly sat and waited for my weight in code. 11pm came so I went to bed. 4 am I got a text stating I am qualified because "they did not approve my initial weight in".
I assume ok because the game is ending about 16 days and I have probably missed the deadline for weight in. I also rested assured they will simply refund me since they do not want participating in that particular game.

This morning I go to check and it says if disqualified, you do not get your money back.

OMG, is this a joke or what?
Does anyone have had similar experience?

I have emailed them and got one line saying "You were disqualified for not having an approved initial weigh-in."

Email customer service with any questions."

I still like this site but I need assurance I am not going to be way too stressed
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The funny thing is ( i am guessing here), by the time I made my payment there was not enough time to for the system to email a code. this is what one their email said. Now I would assume if I cannot weight in or if they did not receive my correct picture, they should have cancelled my transaction instead of keeping the money and saying disqualified.

I am no longer upset but I use this anger toward other things (wining as much game as possible).
I seriously have planned on NOT LOSING A SINGLE BET HERE.LOL

Thank you kindly


That's the spirit!! =)
Keep loosing pounds and winning money!

Yes, that's what I did too, I though "really, you are stealing my money?", so I enrolled in 3 kickstarters to make sure I got that money back! =P

(Your case is worse, I let a few days pass and forgot about the deadline, even though they should have warned me, but it still feels like completely wasted money!)


11/04/2015 7:28AM
My win is confirmed! Though the money is not much, it is still a win and as I said before it is more about setting the tone for diebet journey. Determination, hard work and discipline definitely pays off. Today i am taking a break.


11/04/2015 2:53AM
I am feeling great about reaching my goal last night. the last week has been insane. From exercising almost every day to eating things that I am not used to, i can only be happier as I actually reached my goal. i won my first bet; i know it is only 10 $ but I really wanted to stick to losing this weight and set a winning tone to my journey. Hoooray!! I did it. Since joining here I have lost 9 lbs.

Basically I am still eating three times a day But I reduced to a specific diet plan and here is my plan:
3 cups of warm water (sometimes i add a little lemon)
1 toast, no butter
1 hard boiled egg
I add a fruit: 1/2 an apple, grapefruit or of whatever fruit my kids leave behind.

3 cups of water
load of greens or salad with no dressing or salt
turkey breast no more than 1/2 cup
slice of cheese
I sometimes replace the turkey with chicken or tofu

3 glass of warm water
1 bowl of lettuce and cucumber (simply because I have too much it)
3z of local salmon (i live in bc so why not eat local)

1/2 banana and 1/cup of ice cream

Snacks, Saltine crackers with lots of water.

aerobic -20-30
treadmill- 30 mins
strech- 5mins
sauna or steemroom-10- 15min

Inspirations: Military diet, folks from this site, and my wonderful local momy friends.

Lessons,: more sleeps please!

Good luc