Peace Love and Low Carb Friends

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Jaime B.

12/28/2016 7:57AM
Is there still a Facebook Group? It doesn't come up for me. I loved that page and Kyndra's receipes!! Did I get banned :(

Barbra J.

12/23/2016 6:45PM
How many members are still active? Almost everything I see posted is from the DietBet page.

I'm on a low carb journey to lose weight and get healthier and I was looking for like-minded people so we can support each other.

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me too.....


Hi guys! I came here wondering the same thing. I just created a new group called "LCHF - Low Carb High Fat" if you'd like to join. :)


12/05/2016 9:36AM
Well, I'm tapping out... :( Unfortunately, I was doing so well - lost 4.9 lbs and then all h-e-double hockey-sticks broke out. I started stuffing my face, and gained it all back...Exactly where I started. I am so disappointed in myself, I want to cry. My life is so upside down right now & I am determined NOT to let this happen again. To all my fellow Peace Love & Low Carbers....


11/15/2016 4:55AM
Alrighty then! I stepped on the scale today - wooohooooo! Down 3.1 lbs! Low carb and GF is the way to go for me!!

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Alexandra V.

06/24/2016 1:52PM
Howdy Folks! I'm a low carb journey, and I wanted to extend a warm invite to you to join me on an upcoming DietBet aimed to connect fellow low-carbers. Invite link: Let's get healthier together!


05/24/2016 8:43AM
Hi there. I am new to this DietBet, and saw this Peace Love and Low Carb Friends.... Need some good lunch and dinner recipes! Anyone have any to share?

Heather R.

01/20/2016 7:27PM
What are your go to ideas for low carb breakfasts? I struggle so much to feel full in the mornings and hate savory. Any ideas?


12/18/2015 9:48AM
Join our game here -