Change Your Thought, Change Your Life

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08/18/2016 4:59AM
Just wanted to share that I'm thrilled to take on making movement and physical expression and exercise FUN again in the upcoming month. I remember taking hip hop classes (and now I'm getting back into them), I remember taking ballet and yoga and how great and TALL I felt after class. I remember how awesome authentic movement and contact improv have been for me, and I'm exploring vulnerability, intimacy, and embodiment these days (more on my blog). I'm looking forward to working with the places in my body where I feel stuck, resistance, fear, or ickiness. :-) These are the places that show me where I can have compassion for myself. Looking forward!

Matt W.

06/08/2016 10:14AM
I like the idea of changing my brain about this journey, I definitely need that first!

Thomas G.

03/02/2016 3:52PM
Just signed up for another challenge after last months win. I want to keep the momentum going ...

Thomas G.

02/03/2016 4:28PM
Just started Diet Bet and the only thing I feel good about is starting Diet Bet. Right now I'm starving and I can use some caffeine. Got to do my 20 minute workout ...

Lauren H.

01/04/2016 7:16AM
So excited to be a part of this group. Let's get healthy!

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01/03/2016 9:46PM
Thank you Cayla for your inspiration!!

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Darlene B.

01/03/2016 4:34PM
Thank you! So looking forward to this!

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