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Jean Chandler

08/14/2019 11:02PM
I'm 11 days from finishing a Ketogenic Kickstarter DietBet Challenge and I am absolutely KILLING IT! Feeling great and losing weight! I'm also 4 days away from beating the first one I joined!

From these two games, I've decided I wanted to try to host my own game. If anyone wants to join a Ketogenic themed DietBet Challenge, here's my link:

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Jim W

Jean, I tried to join, but the game has been canceled. Maybe you should try again and reach out to new members and recent posters in this group and the LCHF support group. I'll join unless it conflicts with planned travel and medical procedures. Unfortunately, I have had very little success in recruiting friends and family to join any DietBets.

Jean Chandler

@Jim W I just ended up joining this DietBet hosted one. I joined their last one and it was a lot of fun. Trying to get more people to join, too, haha. Their second one has in the hundreds.

It starts on the 9th.