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Rhonda C.

08/27/2016 3:26PM
Just signed up for DietBet #2, I'm excited to continue this journey. My other goal for the next four weeks is to keep walking a mile everyday, yoga once or twice a week and regular gardening/yard work. I have promised myself if I do these things and hit my personal goal for DietBet #2 then I'm going to buy myself a FitBit.


Hi Rhonda, I just completed my 1st DB successfully and am 1 month into my 2nd DB. The 1st round I hit my goal with strictly dieting. My goal is to be more active and exercise regularly.

Rhonda C.

I am half way through my second DB and I was telling my mom, part of my struggle is when you're "being active" it seems like you are always doing something! When do you get to sit and do nothing? ;-) I have to remind myself 'lifestyle change' not temporary change. I did get a Fitbit last week and my goal this week is to hit 10000 Monday - Friday AND fit in an hour of yoga twice this week.