Fit by 50

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Julie M.

05/18/2017 8:26AM
Hi all, so glad to find this group, I'll be 50 next year and one big goal that I intend to hit is to run the 5k in a huge local race. I hope we can encourage each other and give each other advice on what works for us. I definitely notice when I eat clean(no processed foods) that the weight seems to come off easier. But also that the scale is not the be all end all and you need to take measurements or at least see how your clothes fit. Muscle weighs a lot and the more muscle you have, the more fat it will burn.
Cheryl W., I agree, we need to liven up this group a little. 25 lbs is awesome! I also have lost about 30 lbs, it's been slow but it's still off and I'm still moving forward. Not sure if I have a definite weight loss goal in terms of lbs but I would like to be a size 10 by October for my daughter's wedding. I know I can do it.