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Tracy S.

01/08/2017 12:32PM
  • Great chicken and chicken broth.... take 2 whole chickens and place in large stockpot. Add enough water to cover chicken but not too high as youll need room to add veggies. Bring to boil and then skim off white froth. While waiting for water to boil, get veggies ready. Wash 5 carrots with stems and leaves on. Peel 2 onions and cut in half. Peel all cloves in one bunch of garlic and cut each in half. Wash 1 leek and cut at white part (I don't use the white part but you can). Wash one bunch of celery including the leafy tops. Cut bottom off and discard. Wash half a bunch of parsley. Once froth is skimmed off, add in all veggies and lower temp to low or med low in order to keep the water slightly bubbly. Cover with lid. Cook for 2.5 to 3 hours. Let cool about an hour. Then remove chicken carefully and pick chicken meat off bones. Use the meat any way you want.... shred it for chicken tacos or add barbecue sauce for yummy barbecue chicken. Strain liquid in pot and put in fridge....drink a cup daily for gut health or to help ward off coldso this time of year.

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looks delicious! Must be so nutritious too :)