No Sugar Challenge

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08/05/2017 10:08AM
Hey all, I have felt/known for awhile now that eliminating sugar from my diet would likely be helpful to my health & might curb my sometimes vicious "sweet tooth". I recently read/listened to Bright Line Eating & decided to give it a try. The science Dr. Thompson cites in this book is compelling & was the "why" I needed to make the change. It has not been nearly as difficult as I expected and there is a freedom in not even contemplating the option. I did not lose all the weight I wanted so decided to try DietBet with a friend to get closer to my goal. I am older & don't have a lot to lose, so for me it is more of a challenge, requiring more consistent attention to calories/macro-nutrient balance & activity. I am pleased to find this group. Not eating sugar/sweeteners is quite out of the mainstream, so having others to connect with is nice. Thanks !