I have started to love working out. I'm an easily bored creature and I love variety, so I do something different every day.

I always used to look at models and fantasize about what it would feel like to look like that. I have worked on body acceptance and loving myself and I no longer have that obsession. However, once I'm doing this dietbet, I thought why not try it out and see if it's possible? So I've been checking out all kinds of celebrity workouts and today I just about DIED from this. Her name is Mary Helen Bowers and she works with victoria's secret angels. She does a workout called ballet beautiful. I'm still sitting on my yoga mat; I can't stand up! I did the butt and thighs one, I can't recommend it enough. I thought jillian michaels was hard; this is torture in comparison! Here's the link for anyone who wants to have long and lean muscles, oh yeah!