Generally I dont do things like this.  I usually try to do things on my own and work towards losing weight.  I have the equipment in my home, I have the DVD's, I don't however always have the drive nor the motivation to get up and go do it.  

Then, DietBet came along!

I joined my first one on October 24th.  Tony Horton created a DietBet and while I was flipping through my newsfeed on Facebook saw a video telling me and the rest of the world connected to him to join.  I took the plunge.  I decided why not, i've tried to do this all on my own with no success so this was worth a shot.  See, I had no idea that when you joined this you could win money if you reached your weight loss goal at the end of the bet so that was an incredible incentive to me.  I made the commitment. 

I am also a Beachbody Coach, not in it to promote but in it for the discount on all their products.  I never was able to really get moving in that direction.  At home businesses around my friends and family just doesn't interest them so I gave up on the chance to earn extra money with their business opportunity.  I love their products though so I continue to buy their fitness workouts and their supplements.  Its a great company.  

Now, each day while participating in the DietBet I was aware that I needed to lose 4% of my body weight.  When I weighed in I was 163 lbs.  I needed to lose 6.5 pounds in order to reach goal.  I dug into my 21 day fix portion control containers and finally got some really good use out of my Peloton exercise cycle that I bought earlier this year in January.  The bike did not get much use this year so I thought since its not light outside after work anymore and I can't walk/run I might as well just ride.  

Three weeks into the bet I am doing well.  I am well near goal weight and I am convinced that I will make it.  Eating well and exercising is so important when competing to win the DietBet.  I do my best to hop on my bike every night for at least 45 minutes to an hour sweating my butt off to some great playlists that my Peloton coaches pick for the rides I choose.  I love working out to really good music and although its an hour or so that I workout it goes very fast.  I absolutely love it now.  

The final weigh in is this weekend.  I have just 2 lbs to go.  I was goal weight the other day but Blue Apron kind of got in the way of that success.  I took a break last night, cooked a great meal and enjoyed eating it with my family.  It was worth it but it did set me back on the scale.  But I am not giving up, the challenge to lose these last 2 lbs will be like melting butter, quick and easy.  I want a piece of that $90k that is in the pot.

The next DietBet is being ran by Shaun T, also involved in Beachbody scheduled to begin just after Thanksgiving on Nov. 29th.  I have already committed to the next 4 weeks and hopefully will be able to reach another fantastic goal and win some more cash to add to my Christmas shopping.  Maybe you should consider trying it out with me and we can do it together it would be fun.  I know I am enjoying it.  

I hope you continue to read my blog, its actually my very first one and I also hope that maybe something that you read will either help or encourage you or someone you share it with to actually take the first step in their fitness journey.  It only takes one step to get started.