Hey all, I thought it would be a good idea to start sharing some full body workouts that I've made for other people this year to help with our weight loss.


The uploaded one today is just images, I put a typed workout below. Remember that proper form is most important, dont rush through it. Also, you can adjust to go at your own pace to start. If you'd rather walk for 10 minutes and jog for 5, or walk for 15 minutes if you are not a runner it is totally fine. The purpose is not for you to burn out, but to get your cardio in for that portion. Also, each part of the toning targets a different zone or area. Again, if you can only do 1 or 3 pushups, or you dont want to repeat the toning portion it is OK. This workout is a full body workout, I will title them appropriately if I put a workout in that is more BUTZ and GUTZ or Upper Body.

Enjoy :) 


Workout 1: General/ Full body tone, approximately 30 min


10 minute Moderate Jog

5 minute Run



5 push ups

5 v-crunches

10 burpees, low impact option, skier squat with your feet close together instead of apart, when you stand up completely stretch as high as you can with your hands before going back down. 

15 second right side plank

10 tricep curls

30 seconds bicycle crunches

10 Jump squats or Regular squats

15 second left side plank

30 seconds high knees in place, for less impact stand and march getting your knees up as high as possible. 

30 jumping jacks

1 min wall squat





2 minute walk

Tricep stretch: 15 seconds on each arm: Pull your arm straight across your chest, switch arms

Lunge steretch: 15 seconds on each leg: Lunge position, keep your back heel down and dont cross your front knee over your ankle

Spread feet shoulder width apart, lean over to the right, left, then center 10 seconds each

Quad Stretch: 15 seconds each: grab your foot behind your back, stretch your quad (muscle on top of yoru thigh)

Reach down *SLOWLY* and touch toes with feet together, stand back up, then repeat 1 to 2 times.