I ask this question because I think I may be addicted to DietBet.  I finished up my last DietBet game on July 11th and my weight was 163.6 pounds.  Today (7/26) I weighed in for my next game and my weight was 175.7.  This worries me.  Seems that I'm not really interested in tracking those calories if I'm not actively engaged in a game.  I started this journey last year, the end of September.  I like the challenge and the support this game gives us.  I am hoping they will open a maintenance game so when I do reach my goal of 150 pounds, I can use DietBet to help me stay around that weight.

I like to use the 5:2 plan or the 4:3 plan to achieve the weight goals.  I seem to tolerate fasting or eating less on a couple days per week better than cutting way back every day.  Somedays I am hungrier than others so I am flexable as far as when I do decide to eat only 500 calories that day. 

As far as exercise, I walk every day.  Normally I head for a mountain park that is a mile from my home.  If weather is not good, too hot or too cold, I use my treadmill and just watch a movie while I walk.  I also have a BowFlex that I use to exercise my upper body.  I have been walking 5 miles per day since the middle of February 2014, and prior to that I walked 2 miles per day.  Walking is easy on the joints so this is my choice for my body. 

This is my first attempt at a blog so let me know if you found it useful or if you have questions as to what the heck am I thinking!!

I'm 65 years old and very healthy. I don't take any prescription drugs.

5'6" and currently at 162.5 pounds.  (Updated my weight on 9/24/2014)