The fear of becoming "bulky" by lifting weight had scared me off the idea of ever trying and about 6 years ago, a dear friend of mine who heard me spewing my apparent wealth of knowledge on health and fitness with a "nutrition and cardio only" attitude quickly showed me how to tone up and virtually spot reduce (not possible in fat reduction but by building muscle in certain  areas you can get a tighter appearance or if desired fill out that feature with  muscle growth) using the ultimate combination [clean eating + high-weight, low reps (yes ladies, forget the 1-2.5 lbs dumbbells) + Interval training].

Within two weeks I started noticing my problem areas trim and noticed I was getting stronger and leaner overall. 

Of course over the years I went off the healthy path when life's pressures and busy-ness set in and I no longer had time to deticate to perfecting and implementing the perfect combination. 

All I can say is whenever I had tried to lose weight in the past, I mostly used a combination of starvation (with destructive bingeing and purging habits) and lots of cardio... I mostly lost weight rapidly but had low strength and lean muscle mass, was very unhappy/depressed and had no energy to get through the day. When I started training and eating like an athlete and paying close attention to muscle gain and fat loss (simultaneous process, not mutually exclusive), I had energy and sdtrength throughout and developed a love and passion for life.

I have been able to build muscle on my chest and back, which works to tighten my breasts and reduce my bra size (yes I always wanted a smaller chest). My profile is leaner and tighter, my glutes are tighter also (I've always had an overly bootilicious behind and never liked it one bit)!

All in all, if you want to "**spot reduce" or "**spot increase" or maintain proportions while losing weight, consider adding a weight lifting/strength training element to your fitness regime... 


**Using muscle to adjust the shape and tone of certain  features... Actual spot reduction  is not possible :)