My weight loss story is a long one. I have struggled through many challenges of the extreme including a battle with depression,anorexia, and bulimia in my early teen years to gorging on all comfort food especially chocolate after marriage and kids. 

I know I'm fed up with the stabbing weight thoughts every night before I sleep. Mostly because my husband likes to caress the sagging belly fat under my shirt and I'm always reminded it's there.

My husband was fortunate enough to inherit lean genes in his family and standing next to him with my 5 foot 2 self with once an athletic frame has packed on some pounds. I love myself..not so much my body. 

I don't want to be held back anymore! What do you want?

I don't want to yoyo between a size M or L and never be for sure what size I am? 

I want to love more of myself from internally! I want to nourish my organs and maybe add some years due to health. I want to be able to ask my husband to take me shopping without being to embarrassed to try anything on. I want to show off my youthful smile and not just be commented on my chimpmunk cheeks(I dont care how cute you think it sounds). I want to wear one of the many date dresses I have bought but won't dare at my size. The one above them all is losing a friend that was close due to a video of a girl struggling to put her pants on I was tagged in...maybe it was harmless but I took it to heart.

Even when I was skinny and suffering I never downgraded a woman based on her size. Its the heart that shows the most beauty not the number on the scale and I want to help others too. I am not the only person who will be inspired by all the people on here. Success will be their motivation and mine.

My daughter is a gymnastics enthusiast and a health fanatic even so young she realizes the importance of eating healthy and staying in good shape for her sport. She is my role model and I want all of us in my family to be fit. Not skinny...not fat....FIT!