Well, I have been on the weight loss journey for two years already and I believe I've been doing pretty well. When I first started in May 2013 I weighted 216 pounds (98kg), I was depressed, involved in a very toxic relationship, I couldn't recognize who I was anymore. 

When this relationship ended, I knew I needed to do something about my health, for myself and my son. I couldn't afford any gyms or doctors to assist me, therefore I started running, which at that time was the cheapest (although hard) option for me. I ran my first 5k in july 2013 and loved the feeling of finishing a career. That's when my life as a runner started. I ran some 5ks, 10ks, 21ks, and last year on Novembre 2014 I ran my very first Marathon in Las Vegas. It was surreal and I felt so powerfull. By then I had lost 42 pounds, weighting 174 lbs (79kg)

Sadly I gained a little weight after the marathon, 8 pounds but quickly thought of focusing in a new challenge so I entered the Chicago Marathon lottery and I got in!!! I have recovered motivation and I lost a little weight, I currently weight 169 lbs (77kg). My goal is to weight 143 lbs (65kg) by October 11th with is the date of the marathon. 

I feel much more healthier and stronger, physically and mentally, I have a more lot of self confidence although it is a long journey, but I sure am enjoying it and learning a lot! 

I have been eating well (although I fall and struggle sometimes) and exercising. My training for the marathon starts next month and I just discovered Diet Bet site, I will take the opportunity of my training to continue losing weight and what better to join this site to keep myself motivated. 

I will be registering my progress here and I'm sure I will learn a lot from a lot of people.

Greetings from Mexico.