So I'm very excited to have joined Dietbet . I have never been able to because I usually don't have money to spend on myself but that motivates me to lose the weight so hopefully I get the money back.

I need this more than anything! Not onyl for myself but for my family. My son deserves a healthier mom that can do anything while feeling comfortable. My husband needs a wife that will feel better and not guilty about what she wears. I want to be able to go to the pool and not be able to suck my tummy in when I'm getting out.

I hope to have a healthier life. Recently I tried doing the Skinny Fox detox but I ended in the hospital with arm pain and chest discomfort. So obviously that was stopped.

I want to be able to lose the weight in a mode where I'm safe. I'm hoping that this way I can do better. I have already dowloaded map my run and hopefully be able to start walking/jogging or even running.

Anyone else that feels the same way please feel free to send me messages so that we can all help each other.


Love ,


Sara G