I hate fluctuations.  I always try not to get too excited when I see the number on the scale drop because I know that true weight loss is a slow process.  If my weight drops a pound in one day for some reason, I can't really expect it to stay there.  

We had guests in town this week.  I was mindful of my eating, I counted my calories, and we did some hiking, but I was still over my budget on the order of a few hundred calories this weekend.  The scale jumped, a little higher than the math dictates it should, but still somewhat justifiably.  But the thing is, even taking into consideration a couple of bad eating days, I'm still eating at a rate that would eventually lead to weight loss.  It would just take a very very long time.  And it's hard to stay motivated losing a quarter pound a week.  So this post is really about brainwashing myself into believing that I am still losing weight even when the scale doesn't give me that feedback.  I can see it objectively in the number of calories I'm taking in, and I can feel it in my body.  When I eat whatever I want, I'm basically never hungry.  Now I wake up hungry, I'm hungry at various points during the day, and I go to bed hungry.  It is working, it just doesn't look like it is.

I can be patient.  As long as the weight comes off and stays off, I don't need it to come off fast.