Today is day 2 of my first dietbet and I feel so motivated, and I wanted to share some of my motivation with ya'll.

A good friend of mine recently talked about loving yourself where ever you are in your journey.  This really hit home for me because I kept thing, "I hate this fat roll and I hate this cellulite".  What I was doing was underminding my progress. Yes, there is still a fat roll there, but it is smaller than it once was.

Having a positive body image is an important part of a fitness journey in my opinion. And thats what this is, it's a journey.  No you don't have to be satisfied where you are, but you should love yourself along the way.  

Your purpose in losing weight or getting healthy shouldn't be because you hate yourself, it should be because you love yourself and you want to keep the body you have running like a well oiled machine.

I still have a long way to go to meet all my goals, but along the way I celebrate the little accomplishments and love my body, and what it can do.