It's been a rough couple of weeks with my weight! I had two really full weekends during which I did not make the best choices. Then I went on a business trip that happened to be at Disney World. Yikes!

Fortunately, I did much better at the conference than I had the previous two weekends, still I ended up going from having to lose .3 pounds to having to lose 5.9 pounds - by September 30 - to win round 5 of my current transformer. OUCH! 

This morning I weighed less than that, but while checking out the activity on my Transformer game I decided to join a Kickstarter to keep my motivation and I decided to join it immediately. Thus, I weighed in AFTER eating lunch and drinking a bunch of water so it was painful.

The good news is that the post gain weigh-in is complete and now I will be able to watch the number decrease once again! While it is painful, just getting that weigh-in over with is great. I can move forward and not worry about it again.

I'm going to reach my final goal this year. I refuse to let anything, including a couple of bad weekends and a business trip, stand in my way!