My first Dietbet was from Feb to Mar 2015.  I struggled to get those last pounds lost to make goal and made it.  Wheeew!  What next?.....let's keep going!!!!!  Looking for another game to start, I was super busy with kids activities and Spring Break is right around the corner, so my logic was to wait until that was done and start again.....I don't even know what happened after that and BAMMM!!!  it's the middle of September and I not only gained back what I lost, but then some.  So I tell my wife that HAVE to do this again and here I am.

I was looking at my profile and noticed my quote that I wrote in February.  I wanted to lose weight so I can be around longer for my daughter.  I started life with kids late.  I met my first wife while I was in the Navy and she wasn't able to have children.  I had resorted to the fact I wouldn't ever have kids.  Then we got divorced and right as I was retireing from the Navy I met my current wife who had 3 kids from her previous marraige.  My profile pic is from our wedding day. All of a sudden at 40 I instantly have 3 kids.  My wife wanted to have 1 more since I didn't have any previously, so at 44 my daughter Breanna was born.  It would be an understatement to say that she is my world.  Now she is 7 and I'm 51 and I want to be there for her as long as I can!

I come from a long family history of heart disease.  My dad died at 70 and every other male that includes grandfathers, uncles, cousins have not lived past that mark.  I even had a younger cousin that had a heart attack at 37, so I know when it comes to my weight and health, I'm messing with fire.

What is your motivation for being here?  If you don't know, find out what it is and tattoo it on your forehead if necessary.  Don't make the mistake that I made and let life get in the way of your goal to be healthy.  I need to remember always why I started this journey in the first place so when this game is over, I need to immeadately start another one and keep going in the right direction or I may not have time to do this again.  Find your Breanna!