After a LONG summer of eating, drinking, and not working out as much as I normally do I found myself gaining weight and feeling less positive. I am innately a positive person however over the past few years I have had to really make it an effort.  My marriage was pretty rocky, I have a great but stressful job, 2 amazing teenage daughters (who are teenagers and GIRLS.. :) and RA which slows me down just a little bit.  My husband died in March from liver failure and I have struggled to stay focused at work and on my health and fitness.  I have recently had some trouble at work which has allowed me some free time to really think about health, happiness, and ways to achieve them.  I found this DietBit yesterday on a social media site and thought it sounded like an achievable fun game. I have found that if I smile even when I would rather not I find it infectious.  When I dont feel like going to the gym I make myself and find I feel better when I get a work out in.  I find one glass of wine is actually better than two and most of all when I start thinking shitty thoughts about myself I tell myself I really am worth more than even I can realize and I start believing it... FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT.. Here's to day TWO.