Hi,Im starting a journey to better myself. Im 48yrs old. For the past fews years I've tried different diets.At first they help but isnt long until Im back to where I started. So Im trying another approach in hopes that maybe perhaps this is the way that will help me reach my goals! My goal is to lose 50 lbs by May 2016,and be in awesome shape-mentally,physically and healthy. I live in a small town, where we dont have those fancy gyms,we are pretty rural ! I've realized what some of my triggers are,just need to always stay positive and change things for the good,I am great at self sabotaging. I can admit it! I have decided that now that summer is soon over,many things are slowing down,its the best time for me to start- My program! I've looked at many programs online,books,gets to be overwelming on where to Start! I feel like Im about to jump off a tall diving board into a pool,my toes are inching their way to edge of board and Im about to reach up into the air and make that JUMP!