As I posted my challenge on Facebook, It was almost as though I could feel my friends and my fitness communities heistation to join the challenge. I may have gotten a like and a thumbs up, but I still felt the hesitation to press the sign up button and join the challenge. To tell the truth, i was hesitant to start the challenge.  What if I start it and didnt complete my 4% loss? How would that look? But then my mind cleared and I realized I teach fitness classes, not to be thin, but to be healthy and to give our chaotic days some clarity! And that is what this challenge is all about. Every day our life is full of choices, to eat that cake or to run a mile.... and not everyday do we choose the latter, and thank god we have that choice. I have 2 boys ages 6 and 3 and sometimes making a pot of mac and cheese or throwing a pizza makes my night and life a little less chaotic, believe me I GET it. And this is the beauty of the challenge, learn that little changes in the choices we make can make a HUGE difference. 

So for 2016 I want to help motivate people to change some of the choices you make to better your health, maybe changing to whole grain breads and eating a healthy breakfast to start your metabolism for the day.  Not to only eat clean food, not to never drink a beer again (some people love the taste, me!), and not for you to become a cross fit champion (for those that love it, more power to them) .  Instead its to move an extra 200 steps that day or to add 2-4 workouts to your week, add a fruit and and healthy protein to your snack of the day instead of that handful of m&ms .  Not to run a marathon this month, but to add healthy choices to your day.  So why $35 to join? Because, low and behold, MONEY MOTIVATES!  Just think, everyone that hits that 4% makes their money nothing to lose (excpet the weight) and maybe to gain a little more confidence in the choices we make in 2016!

Each day I will try and motivate in some way for the 30 days, maybe I will post a picture of a healthy snack, so you look down and compare it to yours and choose a better one.  Maybe it will be an exercise set of the day. Maybe I will let you know I REALLY want to eat 10 candy bars that day but because of this challenge I am going to choose not too. 

Ok, feeling better? Hesistation gone? Well even if its not, press the sign up button and join the challenge TODAY, not tomorrow, don't give yourself time to talk yourself out of it. Did you hear me? Press sign up!! 

Game on! Choose better-



Oh and a little disclaimer, I am not a blogger so I dont want any haters on my punctuation or sentence structure ;)