Reflect, Create, Affirm and Get To Work

2015 is ending and an exciting new year is about to begin. It’s time to REFLECT. I find myself asking questions such as - What went right? What can I change? What can I improve? I also find myself creating my year in advance. A client of mine once said, “All I want is to be creative, to feel free and be alive.” This has stuck with me.

BE OPEN. BE CREATIVE. Allow yourself to open up and create the life, the job or the body you want. The road gets tough when your trying to do something different and when you go against what is familiar. My challenge for you is to jump into the unknown and do all the things that you keep putting off as it relates to your health and well-being.

AFFIRMATION is key. You must affirm your power and know you are deserving. If you're trying to change your body or regain your health, there will be two voices speaking in your ear. One will say “I can and I will!” The other will perhaps say something less positive. If you are feeling low and feeling like you can’t, remind yourself - “I am amazing and I will achieve!”. Your inner dialogue is incredibly powerful.

Lastly, GET TO WORK. You've already taken the giant leap and bet on yourself and your abilities — Now it’s time for action. Be consistent and look into the future beyond your dietbet.

We are all a work in progress but each year is a new opportunity to start again. Remember to reflect on the past, create a new future, give yourself positive affirmation and then act on it! Cheers to your successful 2016!