I just weighed in for my first diet bet of 2016 and YIKES!  I am 6.4 pounds higher than my start weight last time around.  That was painful.  But then again, there is a reason I am feeling the need to do this again.  I started a new job in September, trying to figure out how to fit my work outs in, and what work out I am going to do.  We have a goal of walking the stairs 3 times a day (8.5 flights).  That's a start, but I know from experience that isn't enough.  Also, I was doing nutrisystem last year, but I got tired of the gas that I got with their food.  I bought all the 21 day fix stuff and the shakeology, but that never really caught on. So, back to the basics, I know if I exercise 5 days a week and keep my food choices healthy the weight will come off.  I think I am going to check out the livestrong website, I hear they have a good food tracker.  Going to work out and maybe I will have some clarity.  Good luck anyone, and I am open to suggestions when it comes to figuring out exactly what work outs I am going to do and what food plan to follow.