Today is my getting ready day.  Going to plan my meals for the week and do a big meal prep.  Already did my plyo this morning, wasn't sure how I was going to get through it since I was so sore this morning I pretty much just rolled out of bed, but I did!   I feel a lot better too, it loosened up all those sore muscle.  I love the Autum Calabrese plyo work outs (at least I think that is her name).  Don't worry, not selling anything....I just know from last year that they tone my body better than anything I have tried before and they are aerobic, so double bonus.  I get a little frustrated when I look in the mirror because I want instant results, I know that isn't the way it works, but hope springs eternal.   


I am having a biggest loser watch party tomorrow night, so getting in my work out might be more of a challenge, but I will for sure be doing the stairs at work.  I love the biggest loser television show. I know a lot of people have been critical about their methods.  I think they have learned a lot and are approaching things in a healthier way.   It is still motivating to me to see the transformations people go through, physically and emotionally.  The people come out of the experience with so much more confidence, you can see it on their face and int he way they walk and talk. 

I hope everyone has a great day today and is ready, because tomorrow we officially start!