Obviously we're all here to lose weight, but remembering why we started this journey in the first place might just give us the motivation to finish strong! 

So why am I here? 

I was always the fat kid. I've struggled with food and with my self esteem my whole life. I lost weight for a while directly out of college, but life eventually caught up with me, and I gained it all back.

I recently gave birth to my second daughter. When we found out we were pregnant with our second girl, I realized that I needed to make a serious life change. I want my girls to grow up in a house where we eat healthy foods (really healthy foods; my parent's idea of "healthy" was to add a small salad drenched in ranch dressing to our meal). Where getting outside to run and play is normal. I want my girls to have a healthy relationship with food, something I'm not entirely sure I know. I hope a healthy lifestyle will give them the self-confidence they will need to make it through high school, college and life. (I am NOT saying you need to be skinny to be beautiful or confident, just that having a healthy lifestyle is something we should all aim for).

But I can't instill good habits in them if I don't have them myself. I need to be the leading example in their lives. So here I am. Ready to lose my pregnancy weight, ready to lose my "fat kid" weight. Ready to get back to that fit shape I was in so briefly all those years ago. Ready to show my girls how to live a happy, healthy life! 


So tell me, why are YOU here?