Getting motivated is hard.  Sticking with it is harder.  Here are some of the things that motivate me:

  • Fitting into my size 8 pants again (or 10s even)
  • Not having to wear pants under my dresses because my legs rub together
  • Not looking pregnant when I'm not
  • getting my hormones balanced so I can get pregnant (in which case I wouldn't mind looking pregnant)
  • having my body work properly so I don't need medications
  • Not being on the edge of diabetes
  • eating heathy so I feel awesome and not sluggish
  • staying flexible
  • building muscle
  • losing the flabby arms
  • not being dependant on chocolate to feel better when I'm sad/lonely
  • feeling attractive
  • feeling peaceful about myself
  • feeling productive about my goals in life
  • being able to run a 5k
  • being able to earn my 2nd degree black belt
  • Sleeping more and better quality

I seem to do better focusing on a new motivator every few days to keep things fresh.  Today's motivator:  eating healthy so I don't feel sluggish!