I love dietbet! I really do love dietbet! I am a little surprised at myself but somehow, this organized social dieting group, was able to keep me motivated to change my lifestyle.  Not diet. I don't like that word: diet. Whenever I hear or say the word diet, I hear Richard Simmons (yes I am that old! Youngin's can google him or find him on youtube.) He pointed out the first 3 letters were DIE! Nope, don't want to DIE I want to LIVE!

Turns out what I was doing almost 80 pounds ago wasn't living.  I thought it was, but it really wasnt'.  Since then, I get out of the house more. I just ran up my stairs at home, without holding on to the rails and without cursing each step! I remember the day last year, that I realized that I was carrying a box upstairs, without holding on and that my knees weren't hurting! I knew I would never, could never, go back!

Social dieting has helped me learn to eat healthier.  I was in one game where the host's passion was CLEAN EATING or EATING CLEAN! What I have to bath before each meal?  No.  Choose whole raw fresh food versions before processed food versions.  If you want mac and cheese, it must not come from a box! Make it from scratch.  Better yet, leave out the pasta, add some chopped celery and onion and have salad and cheese! haha

Oh and I switched from plain lowfat yogurt to GREEK PLAIN LOWFAT YOGURT! wow! lower calories AND almost double the protein!  As a vegetarian, I am always looking for ways to sneak in protein.  Sharing information and recipes, is the best part of Dietbet's social dieting.

That brings me to today. Today I am a week into my 'games' (Dietbet allows you to play up to 3 kickstarter and 3 transformer games at once)  I am up a pound from my weigh-in weight! But since playing dietbet games all of 2015, winning all but one of my many games, I know my weight fluxuates from day to day. Sometimes I have over eaten and sometimes it's just salt.  I have heard some people like to stick with their dietplan and not weigh in daily, but for me, I need to weigh in at home once a day. I do it first thing in the morning, before coffee and I put on my weigh in outfit (yes I have one or two I always use! I am weird like that.)  If I am up, like i have been for a couple of days now, then I will cut way back on my calories. But if I am down, I happy dance around the room and it's a better day... emotionally... but either way, I have found that weighing in regularly and owning my weight has helped me take off and put down almost 80 pounds.

Now I am at the end stretch of my journey.  The last 20-30 pounds may be the hardest. That is what I have heard.  And I plan to use Dietbet for at least a year after if not longer, just to keep me down to make sure I never did or do, 'diet' but really do make a lifestyle change for the better - the younger!  I am going to be 59 in a few months. Did I just put that in writing for everyone to read? Well, I did and I am.  I want my last 30 -40 years on the planet to be LIVED! I want to explore the pyramids in Egypt! I want to travel to all the temples in India! I want to walk the mountains in Tibet and I want to visit the castles of Europe! I would love to explore Easter Island and climb Machu Picchu Peru!

Thank you Dietbet!  Because I found you by accident and took a chance, because I didn't give up nor did I actually even set out to lose 70-80 pounds with you (at least not in the beginning) but just played one 28 day kickstarter game at a time, and only tried to lose 1% a week at a time, all of my dreams and goals for the second half of my life are actually a possiblity!  At least my weight isn't going to hold me back!

I love Dietbet!  Now, the oven is chiming. I made a cassarole of large chopped turnips + apples + onions + cheese and butter.... I have never made it before. I hope it tastes good!  (but the whole cassarole is less than 300 calories! and the flavors work.. in my head! I will let you know!)