I cannot believe it has taken me so long to get to the gym.  It is embarassing, but I am also relieved that I passed that hurdle.  I actually made it to the gym last night but I forgot my tennis shoes, so no work out.  Tonight I actually worked out.  I have been running the stairs with my coworkers since the first of the year, so I think I was giving myself the illusion of working out.  We have been going up and down 8 flights of stairs 3-4 times a day.  It helps, it is getting a lot easier, but it only takes a few minutes each time. The sustained work out makes a huge difference.  Instead of coming home tired and barely making it through the evening, I came home full of energy and got a lot more done than I usually do.  My plan is to continue going to the gym every night after work, and varying my work outs.  Then doing some fun exercise on the weekend, like hiking.  I have not gotten on the scale since the start of this diet bet, but I have made some good changes in my diet.  My plan is to get on the scale saturday to see where I am at.  It is time to stop stalling and make my plans a reality!