Hi Everyone, 

Well, I just signed on a wager to shuck this chuck and wiggle this jiggle right off of my bones! I'm so excited. I've never ever bet on losing my weight before and I don't think I would've had a mind to but when I saw how big the pot was and what it takes; well now, I just had to put my money down!

There's always a first at everything. I got myself all excited when I found out about DietBet. I love challenges but I really like a good wager and I can't find a better one than this. It's a win-win situation!

I'm all up on a fast horse right now and hoping I don't get bucked off to soon and rightly so. I've never really dieted before and don't know how to.

I weighed in at 208 lbs., 5'7" small framed and my BMI, well, lets just say I'm carrying around twin sisters and their names are Belly Dimples and HeidaRump!

How did I get so volumptiuos you ask? Well, I'd be glad to tell ya...Some years back I got injured on both legs that led me to becoming immobile for some time. I never ever dieted. I was always at the best weight for my age. I worked hard, exercised a lot, and just loved to eat without the worry of gaining weight. So when this injury happened I continued on my happy way of eating but a big part of my daily life had stopped abruptly and I kept gaining and gaining without so much as an end in sight. I actually went up to a hefty unofficial 230+lbs.20150428_215609.jpgEventually, I got an awesome surgeon and I'm back on both feet again. For me, the weight took its toll on my joints. I was always outwinded and not happy with how I felt. I pushed to get back on my feet and that led to losing a few pounds at a time. The more I did, the more I lost. Its a slow process. Bending, jumping, squatting and running can run me into problems with my knees. So I've had to modify some of the exercises thats been posted.  I find swimming and pool aerobics as my go to exercises.

As for dieting, I don't follow any specific plan because I love variety and I just love to eat good food. I really need help with that along with exercies modification. All in all, like all things, there is only one first time. 

Looking forward to the best year yet and Good Luck to All!