I am so happy to have completed my first dietbet challenge!  

Here's what I learned:

I can

  • Motivation is a group session, not something to do solo
  • Other people struggle; I'm not alone
  • Investing in my journey is worth it because I am

Here's what I've achieved:

  • I've lost inches
  • I've been consistant with my 1 mile goal
  • I'm thinking about what goes into my body
  • I am more confident and determined

So What Now?

Now I'm just continuing on this journey.  I don't know if it ever ends... I hope not because I would love to continue in maintenance helping and encouraging others.  I I can go from 313 lbs to 182 lbs then back up to 226 lbs and down to 222 lbs so can you!

I am doing another dietbet whether joined or not... It's beast mode now and I'm so ready!