Every day I eat crap food I think, "this is it, tomorrow is the day I step on the scale and I'm over 160 lbs and I have a mental breakdown from gaining it all back" but each morning I weigh exactly the same at 157. I'm actually glad I have found a "maintain" balance for a full week. This is actually unreal. Instead of dwelling on not losing weight I am just glad I am not gaining. 

Yesterday I ate 3 eggs, a ham subway sub (my fiance LOADED it), oily penne pasta with sun dried tomato alfredo, for dinner I took home the pasta leftovers from work. It was 9pm and I was hungry but didn't want to eat a bowl of grease for dinner. So I cooked down the pasta, blotted some of the oil off, then I reheated he sauce and added a tub of fat free plain greek yogurt along with fresh garlic to kick up the flavor and protein content. Then I chopped up some baked chicken and threw it in, on a bed of broccoli. I served myself 70% broccoli & tomatoes & chicken, then 30% of the pasta and I didn't feel like I was restricting myself. I didn't take any Alli bc I knew it would start a fight. Chris wasn't upset I loaded up on vegetables and secretly looked proud I was modifying a meal so we could eat together. It's been a long time since I ate a late night dinner with Chris (since he gets off work at 9pm) since I've been too scared I'll tip the scales. I didn't drink at all last night and in the back of my head I kept thinking (wow, I'm surprised Chris hasn't asked to get beer at the store) but then I thought "No I don't need it, I ate pretty unhealthily today, I just need to drink my water and go to bed" and I did and wah-la  I didn't gain an ounce.