When I was younger, there were things that I wanted to do, but didn't do them because of some fear. Either I was too fat or I was not skilled enough.

I have thought to myself, how much of mystery do I want to reveal on here. I am such a flood of emotions, the Diet bet creators, had to know in peeling off the weight, that who we were deep inside, would come out. This is a forum, a way to get rid of the emotions and feelings that arise as we are becoming new people. I am going to become Onion Woman, that morphs into Caterpillar Woman, to Butterfly Woman, mixed with a little Black Panther Woman.. Becoming something beautiful, but always aware of those things in my path that can put me back into those bad habits.

Folks, I cry as I write this blog, I want to dump this pain, the rejection, the fear, the hurt, of the past. Yes I am going to seek professional help, but until I can afford such services, I am going to self heal, because when you get in front of those wonderful creatures that are secretly adding up the hours you are sitting on their vintage furniture, you have to still have a plan. 

What are the things in your life that are going to keep you going. What are the things that are going to keep you on your path of health, why even care. Sure there are people in your life that love you, but what if there are people in your life that don't. What if you are on your own. Be right back, a song is on that I like, Gotta go Dance..Big Smile..

Ok, I am back. As we lose weight I am not sure if we are becoming the people that we were created to be, or new people. Have we learned and grown from our experiences. As a big girl, I was friendly, am I really a friendly person,serving others, or am I only that way, starving for love and affection. I have to determine who I am who I will be, with this new me. Is the stagnation, do to me being afraid to walk through that door of Utopian Skinny World, the World, of beauty and endless possibilities, where everyone says yes. Am I leaving behind my fat complacent companions, who refuse to change, who only try to make their world a Happy place, knowing unside, they are miserable, can I be part of both world's secretly, or can I only be part of one. Their beautiful happy people, that don't want to change and secretly, they don't want me to change. They tell me you look great, you don't have to lose any more, you will look like a skeleton. I don't want to loose my thickness, they say. Really, you can have my thickness.

I would like to, Run, Jog, Swim, Zip Line, Play Volleyball, Softball....

So much...these activities, have weight limits. I do not want to be held back from an active, because I do not have the energy to do it. I want to Climb a Rock Wall.

Vegan Warrior, bought up the Trampoline Gym and the First thing I thought of, was hurting myself or my knees. I would like to do a flip and not break my neck or the equipment.

What can I do, now that I am getting smaller. What will I venture into, now that these new possibilities are opened to me....

Stay Tuned...the Adventure has just began.

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