Why is it so difficult for me to lose just a few pounds? I have no accountability. I start diets, resolutions, etc. but something is not allowing me to follow through. I simply need more motivation to stay on track.

For most of my adult life I weighed about the same, and now I am 10 pounds over my comfort zone. I want to start with the first 4% and then continue on to another 4% after this. That goal doesn't seem so unrealistic, but it just simply has not happened in the last few months. Last May I lost weight through Diet Bet but I fell off the wagon around my birthday and NEVER WAS ABLE TO GET BACK ON. Right before my birthday I was feeling good about myself because I was in control of my eating. Then, I met with some old friends and went out to dinner with them. We had 2 of my favorites: Margaritas and Mexican food. Then, as a surprise, one of my friends bought a cake for me. I remember being in a terrible dilemma when the cake was served and eating a small amount. That was the beginning of the end. Now, I feel like my eating has gotten out of control again. I'm a petite person, so a few pounds can make a big difference. Getting control of my eating will also give me control of other things in my life. Sometimes I use eating as a way of procrastinating. If I eat less, I'll procrastinate less.