Go figure. I bought a FitBit and received it last Saturday. I weighed in for this dietbet on Sunday at 167.8. I started tracking my food intake on Myfitnesspal on Monday. Each day I've been working to reach 10,000 steps and log everything I eat. I also have found that once I'm near my total calories "allowed" for the day, I'm not really hungry after that. I've been able to just stop munching with the knowledge that it would set me over my calorie goal for the day. I've been more active than I have in months and have gone on walks with my husband and daughter, making it to at least 5000 steps/day but more often making it to 10,000!

SO - what's the end result after less than a week? I got on the scale this morning and I'm at 162.0 lbs. WOW. I know that this will get harder as the weeks go on but I find this to be so encouraging! I'm already at my one month weight goal!! And I'm loving these changes in my lifestyle, especially since they've been relatively easy to implement!


Ok, only 25 weeks, 5 days to go! Yay dietbetters!