The first day of diet bet started out alright this morning with some shopping at Ulta. I had to get my toenails on fleek today for the big Heidi and Chris Powell Weigh In. I did them to look like chocolate chip cookies with macademia nuts. Protein First!  

I have been struggling with chocolate chip cookies as of late during my plateau. I put the macademia nuts in as a joke because Chris and Heidi always tell their kids, "Protein First!" I got my goceries today and it's all healthy though. Watermelon and pineapple. Caprese salad ingredients. Bell peppers and organic carrots. I got Miso to make hummous. I already have the garbanzo beans and lemon. I got sprouted bread at the co-op. Yum.

I plan to carb cycle which means to eat higher carbs one day to maintain my metabolism and then high protein the next day. It should be a good month despite the leftover cookie dough and chinese food left in my fridge. I'll probably plan in a couple of cheat meals and eat healthy around it. I'll get my fruit and veggies prepped to eat though and then I'll pre-cook my chicken. I got drummies because I buy cage free at the co-op and the drummies are the most affordable cut. Not the lowest fat but maybe thats not crucial at this point.

As far as the rest of my day it was extremely stressful. It had something to do with driving a lot and a family member having an extreme health need. After tommorrow though it should be somewhat smooth sailing. I hope. My astrologist daughter said it was because Mercury was in retrograde. People were running red lights and stop signs and putting their signal lights in one direction and then turning the opposite direction right in front of me. This happened several times today and I was getting really steamed. Hopefully tomorrow won't be so bad.