Hi guys!

My name is Emilie and I live in Denmark. In 2010 (18 years old) I found out that I suffered from both PCOS & Endometriosis. My biggest dream has always been to start my own big happy family.


In 2013 I had already lost about 23 kgs (50 lbs)! But in the last couple of years, I have gained it all back. 

My boyfriend and I are soon starting our first fertility treatment (late summer/start autumn), and I know I have to lose at least 10 kgs (22 lbs) before the treatment, so I can be as healthy as possible.

Because, if the treatment are going to work, and I finally are going to get the family I have always wished for, I need to be as healthy as possible! My future baby deserves and needs a healthy mom. So thats my motivation <3 


Can't wait to see where this journey is going :)