While I must admit my idea of camping these days is pretty much a nice soft hotel bed - I have done more than my fair share of camping.  So when someone posed the challenge today of what would you take camping with only a cooler of ice and a small camp stove (no campfire allowed) I love the opportunity to reminisce and imagine myself on the campsite once again.  Due to the venue you can precook some of the ingredients so you are not transporting raw meat.

  • A large variety of crunchy vegetables - carrots, cauliflower - broccoli - celery, colorful bell pepper and put in individual snack bags inside a larger container.
  • Hummus
    • suitable for dipping with veggies, whole grain pita or my favorite guilty pleasure an ounce of Stacy's Naked Nothing but Sea Salt Pita Chips (measured into portions)
  • Nut butter - great on whole grain pita or apples
  • Pre-cooked "Tasty Turkey Taco Meat" for a variety of purposes including scrambled eggs, veggies stirfry, wraps (again you can pre-measure and freeze in portions)
  • Turkey Chili - One pot wonder meal - you can precook the seasoned turkey and veggie mix together and freeze them into "ice cubes" or small bags then just add it into your pan to heat together with a large can of crushed tomatoes and a can of Rotel (tomatoes with chilis) then just stir in your chili beans and an extra can of beans to warm them through.  (Keeping it in smaller portions will allow it to thaw quicker in your pot in the tomatoes).
  • Quick and easy pasta - Heat a jar of Prego Heart Smart Sauce with 4 ounces of dried Pasta Barilla Penne Plus pasta and 3/4 to 1 cup water, stir every 1-2 minutes until the pasta is cooked al dente.  (I like to start by dry sauting a little chopped garlic for a few seconds then add the remaining ingredients).  Of course you can also precook some ground turkey with onions and italian seasonings and freeze and add in - for deconstructed "lasagna" stir in lowfat cottage cheese.  Conditions vary - if it gets to dry before the pasta is through add more water...
  • Apples are delicious and crunchy plain - to feel more "dessert-like" cut them up at the last minute and sprinkle with a little cinnamon

Tip...  keeping something crunchy and "healthy" readily available wil make it an easy choice.  #KeepYourVeggiesEasilyAccessible

Have fun and stay dry!